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Identifying and attracting the right candidates needs somebody who can speak their language...

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About Me

...I know what motivates my clients, and I speak a language my candidates understand...

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I use psychometrics to bring extra objectivity to a process than can be subjective...

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Building Teams

Effective teams are at the heartbeat of every success story. Teams are never successful by accident....

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The consequences of organisational restructures can be catastrophic if not handled with care ...

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Recruitment Training

I coach front-line managers on recruitment skills in an online world...

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Franchising is about speed to market, building value, and managing risk. I help franchisors find franchisees.

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I am a UK-based boutique headhunter with international reach...

I find senior people, engage and motivate them in the recruitment process, and deliver my shortlists on time and on budget.

A successful search for a senior executive needs discipline, discretion, direction, and a sense of humour to bring the strands of any project together. Perhaps it helps I have a commercial background, rather than a history in HR or general recruitment.

On the 7th April 2014, the Corporate Handyman became part of the Recruitment South East Group. I continue to offer Executive Search Services but with more support and resources. For all your recruitment needs you can email them here.